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Published two new article on this week:

  1. The Impact of Content on = describes how we used content as a starting point when creating
  2. Content as Visual Design = about how formatting of content can’t be overlooked as part of a creating a good content strategy.

For The Buddy System

Another new post. This time about why you shouldn’t work alone or with false teams. Buddies are where it’s at.

You can really only get somewhere good when you:
  1. Peck out of your own shell.
  2. Sprint away, screaming, from guarded superficial team collaborations.
So this is why you need a buddy. Someone you wrestle with until you’re both bruised and weary.
That’s progress.

Read the whole thing.


For Warriors!! Come Out and Play!

New blog on It’s called Warriors!! Come Out and Play! and it’s about the user experience ghetto.

We need content to be the kernel of everything we do. It dictates how information is structured on sites, and influences how users interact. [read the whole thing]

For Online help is evil

@nicoleslaw over at published another piece of my writing. This time, it was about how crappy online help is. For the most part.

Here’s an excerpt:

The biggest problem with online help is that it’s usually created by people who’ve never had direct contact with the people who use it. So they create sucky content in a vacuum. No good. This approach leads to filthy, irrelevant bloat. [read the whole thing]